Our Range of Precious Metal Refining Services

Platinum Group Metals

Siltech maximises value to our clients by recovering Platinum Group Metals that others would lose.

Where a client sample contains Platinum, Palladium and other P.G.M.s. Siltech is able to maximise client value by ensuring that these metals are separated from the sample and refined to high grade, up to and including 9999 quality.

Separating platinum group metals effectively from silver and gold content is not possible with chlorine-based techniques. This makes Siltech the obvious refining partner of choice for clients who have platinum group metals in their product and who wish to maximise returns.

Specialist Chemicals

Siltech works with a number of international chemical manufacturers, and is able to supply products for a range of medical and industrial uses.
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Product Range

Siltech manufacture bullion bars to your specifications in either silver of gold. Should you have a need for custom branded bullion we are able to assist.


Using our Laboratory Services

Siltech operates a state of the art assay laboratory combining highly skilled Chemists and technicians with the latest technology.
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For xray collection please email: xray@siltechpmr.com.au

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